Sustainability Software: 2024 Buyers’ Guide for Ingredient Suppliers

Sustainability software provides the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective way to measure, model, reduce and report on ESG metrics.

Effective software for ingredient suppliers can streamline your entire carbon emissions measurement, management and reporting processes. In addition, the best platforms also go beyond carbon data and assess impact across other ESG metrics, so you’re not operating from a carbon-only viewpoint. These holistic solutions provide support for environmental marketing claims, add value for sales teams, and simplify modeling for R&D innovation.

With the right sustainability software, you can automate carbon footprinting, quickly respond to customer requests, create internal communications, and manage external regulatory timelines, all while saving time and money for your team.

Ingredient suppliers can accelerate footprint reduction and confidently be compliance-ready. Sustainability software offers a streamlined in-house way to consolidate carbon data onto a unified platform, more accurately measure product carbon footprints and plan impactful emission reduction strategies.

Holistic sustainability software also facilitates engagement with customers and internal stakeholders. It provides transparent emissions data and straight-forward communications, even for stakeholders who don’t fully understand sustainability information.

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Over and over again, food companies who adopt audit-ready carbon accounting solutions gain a significant advantage over those using older traditional methods. Previous solutions relied too heavily on collecting primary supplier data or on the use of overly-generalized emissions databases and spend-based accounting methods.

The ideal platform for ingredient suppliers automates and simplifies the process to set highly-accurate emissions baselines, develop analytics-driven decarbonization strategies, and comply with evolving regulations and supply chain demands. 

Understand the key features and assets to look for in order to accurately vet your next carbon accounting system. Download our full Buyers’ Guide for Sustainability Software, including a comprehensive checklist of what to ask while you search for and compare solutions.


Sustainability Software for Food Companies

The ultimate sustainability software checklist for food industry professionals.


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