Sustainable Innovation

Reduce your impact and achieve your sustainability goals with sustainable food product innovation

Bring sustainability into your product innovation process

Strategize to achieve company climate targets with a collaborative platform for measuring and managing your impact and improving in the areas that matter most.


Achieve company sustainability goals

achieve company sustainability goals

Discover the most efficient pathways to reaching internal carbon reduction targets and public ESG commitments. With Latis , you’ll have instant access to unparalleled impact measurement tools, enabling collaboration across teams and powering a shared commitment to company sustainability goals.


Formulate more sustainable food products

formulate more sustainable food products

Bring impact data into your product formulation process to achieve sustainability directives from the very beginning. Easily analyze your product impact across eight key metrics, compare and identify ingredient alternatives, and assess product categories against industry benchmarks and internal goals.


Fast-track your sustainable sourcing initiatives

fast-track your sustainable sourcing initiatives

Power your progress toward a more sustainable ingredient portfolio by comparing your ingredient suppliers against universal sustainability criteria and discovering new suppliers offering more sustainable alternatives. 


With a hyper-focus on the global food system, our team of researchers and data scientists brings 3rd party verified impact data to our customers’ daily workflows with unparalled granularity and precision.

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Food leaders discuss climate labeling, regulations, and carbon reduction strategy​

"A Guide to Future-Proof Scope 3 Reporting for Food Brands and CPGs"​

"State of Research: LCAs and Carbon Accounting for the Food Industry"​


Get Sustainability Intelligence for your Company

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Measure and manage your carbon footprint with a cross-functional SaaS platform.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions​

Brands are facing mounting pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and resulting carbon footprints. Agricultural and food production is responsible for more than a third of global emissions, so choosing better ingredients is critical for meeting ESG commitments and slowing climate change - but how can companies get started?

Find the answers to the most common questions when it comes to improving the carbon impact of food products.​