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Through HowGood’s platform, brands make product development and sourcing decisions based on ingredient-level sustainability insights. Make sure brands have the most complete and up-to-date data they need to accurately assess the ingredients they source from you.

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Brands are interested in sourcing sustainable ingredients to improve the impact of their products. HowGood’s Material Directory gives brands access to reliable data that demonstrates sustainability practices and helps them find new suppliers.

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Nearly half of leading food brands have set carbon reduction goals, and ingredient suppliers represent over 80% of their total emissions. Appeal to brands and help them reach their goals by surfacing your sustainability initiatives through the portal.

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Exposing ingredient-level sustainability data can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. By responding to the demand for transparency, you have a chance to form stronger partnerships with brands and grow sales.

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Agriculture today represents 60% of our GHG emissions, and roughly 90% of our water footprint. Our goal is to transform our products by changing the way our key ingredients are produced.

General Mills is committed to converting 25-35% of its global ingredient sourcing footprint to regenerative agriculture practices by 2030.


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