HowGood Innovation Series

HowGood is pleased to host a community-oriented conversation series on driving innovation in the food system. Each conversation with an industry thought leader brings insight into a different aspect of regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and a diverse range of related topics.

Sustainability Transparency in a Shifting Regulatory Landscape

How brands and retailers can reduce reputational risk, build consumer loyalty, bring greater profit margins, and shore up supply systems in a shifting regulatory landscape.

Leaders in Climate Reporting

Voluntary ESG Standards as a Regulatory Foothold

Interdepartmental Strategy for ESG

Preventing Greenwashing

True Cost Accounting in the Food Industry

How true cost accounting can help companies make more informed decisions about sustainability and avoid greenwashing by accurately measuring and disclosing the full costs of their products.

True Cost Accounting in the Food Industry

Double Materiality: Capturing Impact in Financial Reporting

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Labeling & The Future of Carbon Transparency

Tools for transparency, the scope of carbon labeling, in-house sustainability certifications, consumer communications, and beyond.

Eco-Labels as Tools for Transparency

Leaders in Impact Labeling

Communicating Sustainable Impact

Retail Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation that’s enabling retailers to move towards having a net-positive impact on health, society and the planet.

White Leaf Provisions & Hive

Thousand Hills & Natural Grocers

Pasturebird & Sprouts

Shaping Regenerative Procurement Strategy

How regenerative procurement strategies can help address challenges of scale, price, and supply system resiliency.

Sourcing Biodiverse Ingredients

Deepening Supplier Partnerships

Regenerative Ag: Giants in Procurement

Procurement to Combat Food Waste

Procurement & The Circular Economy

Regenerative Supply

Conversations with trailblazers in the supplier community about the unique opportunities they offer to drive forward product innovation.

Regenerative Dairy Across Markets

The Future of Plant-Based Supply

Regenerative Supply Enablers

Trailblazers in Ethical Sourcing

The New Material Age in Packaging

Scaling Regenerative Supply

Regenerative Product Development

The current state of regenerative product development, covering topics like scaling sustainable production, understanding buyer behavior, and building products from resilient supply chains.

Product Innovation Ecosystems

Reimagining Resilient Ingredients: A Chef’s Perspective

Building Sustainable Products: The Essential Elements

Regenerative Product Incubation & Acceleration

Regenerative Agriculture

What it takes to bring a regenerative product to market and what investments and technologies are needed to scale regenerative agriculture.

Investment & Infrastructure

Regenerative Dairy

Regenerative Fiber

Agroforestry & Industrial Crops

Regenerative Product Development

Advancing Regeneration: Principles & Outcomes

Investing in Innovation

Decolonizing Wealth in Agriculture

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Business as a Force for Good

Agri(Cultural) Regeneration

Regenerative Poultry: An Indigenous Perspective


The opportunities presented by biodiverse product design, emerging biodiversity measurement approaches, and shifting mindsets.

Designing Products from Ecosystems

Scaling Biodiversity

Crop Commercialization

Measuring Biodiversity

Carbon Opportunity Cost

Agriculture, Biodiversity & Nutrition

Planetary Health

The link between human health and planetary health, how to move towards a circular economy, and where we can focus to initiate systemic change.

Circular Economy of Food

The World Economic Forum Perspective

Regenerative Packaging

Underutilized Crops & Planetary Health

Anthropology of Food


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Beyond The Baseline: How to Unlock Quantifiable Carbon Reduction Strategies

MARCH 7, 2024 | 11 AM – 12 PM EST
Join us for a practical roadmap for carbon reduction and unlock progress toward your decarbonization goals.