Scope 3 Emissions Reporting for Food Companies

Measure and manage your carbon emissions with a cross-functional SaaS platform.

Built for Food Supply Chains

Access data and reporting designed specifically for food companies, drawing from the world’s largest food product sustainability database.

Supplier Data Optional

Integrate supplier data if you have it; if not, use our crop- and location-based emission factors for higher accuracy than global averages.

Create Carbon Reduction Plans

Discover ingredient hot spots and manage progress to your carbon reduction commitments with dynamic scenario planning features.

Save Time and Money

Get a granular Scope 3 Emissions Inventory at a fraction of the time, cost or effort of a consultant or Life Cycle Assessment.

Calculating your Scope 3 Emissions doesn't have to be hard.

Carbon Footprint at any Level

View your carbon emissions at the raw material, ingredient, product, or company level on an ongoing basis.

Instant Risk Discovery

Identify the most carbon-intensive ingredients in your portfolio and quickly compare alternatives and find suppliers.

Visibility Across Teams

Make it easy for R&D and Procurement teams to action on your carbon reduction strategies and public goals.

Public Reporting-Ready

Designed according to the GHG Protocol, easily-exported reports are CDP and GRI compliant for Categories 1 and 4.

Our Customers

"Our customers need holistic, sustainable ingredient solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater transparency. Partnering with HowGood provides third-party validation of the sustainability impact of our ingredients and enables our customers to confidently make informed decisions."

"HowGood is a key and trusted partner for our team, facilitating our continued emphasis on regenerative agriculture practices and allowing us to maintain the ingredient transparency our customers look for from us."


About HowGood

HowGood's Scope 3 Report is built on the world's largest food product sustainability database,
with granular, location-based emissions factors on over 33,000 ingredients in the food system.


ingredients with
emission factors


vetted, high quality
data sources


products assessed for
environmental & social impact

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