Automate Carbon Footprinting: How Ingredient Suppliers Can Win with Sustainability Data

With customers requesting more and more data from suppliers, reporting-fatigue is impacting companies across sustainability, sales, customer success and accounting teams. Streamlined product carbon footprinting is key for ingredient suppliers who need to report sustainability data or have made public carbon reduction commitments. 

In this webinar, HowGood’s Director of Growth and Innovation, João Brites, and Brian Nash, VP of Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion, share how food companies can systematize carbon footprinting and get value-beyond-reporting from their data.

Highlights include:

“We originally came to HowGood to assess product sustainability attributes. And then, determining carbon and water footprints has been a huge bonus for us because obviously it’s much quicker. I think it took us less than two weeks to fill out the data spreadsheet and get everything put in the system. And so it’s much, much more efficient in terms of time than doing LCAs. In addition we use it to generate information for product marketing, and we also love the fact that we can connect with formulators for companies within the HowGood system.

So it’s great if we have a customer that’s on the platform, and they’re trying to reduce the carbon footprint of their product, and we can give them access to our ingredients, and they can make those changes. It’s a starting point for dialogue and discussion and it’s been really effective. I hadn’t talked to a lot of formulators before we got involved with HowGood, and I’m talking to a lot more now, which I think is really exciting.”

- Brian Nash, VP of Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion

Brian Nash currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion, where he is responsible for establishing a sustainability strategy for the organization that is aligned with the needs of the company as well as external stakeholders. As part of his responsibility, he chairs the company’s Global Sustainability Council, which is comprised of functional and regional leaders that help execute the sustainability strategy. In his role, Nash is also responsible for external sustainability collaborations – with customers, NGOs, and other organizations – to leverage combined expertise and accelerate progress against the company’s 2030 goals.

João Brites is Director of Growth and Innovation at HowGood. Prior to HowGood, João served as Global Director of Sustainable Development at AB InBev and was a co-founder of award-winning sustainability impact ventures in Portugal and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. He holds a M.S. in Economics and a Masters in International Management from Nova School of Business and Economics and completed a Diploma in GHG Accounting by the GHG Management Institute with a focus on Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Projects.

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