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FAQs and Instructions for direct WK Kellogg Co suppliers

Our valued supplier partners are critical in our journey toward healthier and happier futures for families, kids and communities.”

Partnering for Sustainability

WK Kellogg Co (“WKKC”) is committed to sourcing responsibly, which falls under the Make Eating Well Easy focus area of WKKC’s Feeding Happiness strategy. In order to positively impact people and the planet, WKKC needs to first understand current baselines, including their carbon emissions.
WK Kellogg Co has partnered with HowGood, an independent research company and sustainability intelligence platform, to make the data collection and analysis process easier for their suppliers, and offer you additional ways to leverage your sustainability efforts.

How it works


First, choose the growers you’d like to participate. Please select the number of growers to participate based on number of crop acres needed to fulfill annual WKKC volumes sold in CY2023. It is better to overestimate in case we do not receive a response from all growers.


Click the button below to access the survey, and send that survey to each one of your growers to fill out individually. If you are planning to fill it out on behalf of a grower, prepare with them in advance for the data needed, and enter data into the survey per grower.


Based on the answers provided, HowGood will calculate the carbon footprint of your ingredients and share that data with WKKC. A Sustainability Scorecard with the carbon footprint, as well as an in-depth impact analysis, will be available to you.

What's in it for me?

As a supplier, you are a critical link to reducing the impact of the food industry at large. HowGood is committed to creating a frictionless process for you, your growers, and your customers like WKKC to collect, analyze, and act on high quality sustainability data.
To thank you for your participation, HowGood will provide the following:


Sustainability Consultation

Simple & Secure Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will know which growers in your network best represent WK Kellogg Co’s volumes and products.
  • Only include your product volumes for the in-scope commodities sold to WKKC (refer to the Commodities FAQ above for a list)
  • Please select the number of growers to participate based on number of crop acres needed to fulfill annual WKKC volumes sold in CY2023. It is better to overestimate in case we do not receive a response from all growers.
  • Record the number growers you plan on sending this survey when providing your email to get access to the survey

For non-grain growers: Set aside 10-20 minutes.
For grain growers: Set aside 20-30 minutes, and gather data on nutrient application, yield, and irrigation 

As you know, WK Kellogg Co has been standing up as an independent company since October 2023. We have launched our sustainable business platform, Feeding Happiness, and you are a critical partner as we begin this journey.  We’re excited to announce our priority ingredients sourcing program with our partner, HowGood, an independent research company and SaaS data platform with the world’s largest product sustainability database. 

In order to establish our baseline as WK Kellogg Co, we request your partnership and participation in providing farm-level information annually to help accurately measure our total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions along with other aspects of sustainability. We are utilizing HowGood’s Supplier Portal to generate comprehensive sustainability assessments for your ingredients, offering you an easy and secure way to provide information, as well as visibility into how your products perform.

The purpose of the survey is to understand the agricultural practices that are used to grow the crops that WK Kellogg Co purchases. The ideal audience for this survey is the grower/farmer, but it can also be the direct suppliers who have the required information to successfully fill out the survey in order to provide WK Kellogg Co with an accurate assessment of your products. 

HowGood will not share any proprietary information with WK Kellogg Co (for example, farm location). HowGood will only share the sustainability impact based on the information provided in the survey and on-farm practice information. 

No, we’ve made this process as easy as possible and eliminated any extra or unnecessary steps. Simply complete the survey, along with your name, farm name, and email address, and you’re good to go!

The survey will ask for the following information for each commodity: 

  • General information of the person filling out the survey 
  • Farm-level questions, including natural landscape, wage, and farm size
  • Name of the material and commodity type 
  • Soil/Tillage practices
  • Water practices / usage
  • Fertilizer practices / usage
  • Standards and certifications 

When you provide your email to access the online survey, you can opt-in to see the results of the surveys submitted on behalf of your growers. Also, you can also reach out to [email protected] to see your results. 

The easiest way to submit the survey is via the online link. However, if there is a technical reason why that is not an option, we have an alternative option for completing the survey.

Note: You can fill out the survey using a cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Get started

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Provide your information to access the grower survey.

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