Surviving Sustainability Survey Fatigue

Food brands, restaurants and retailers face increased climate disclosure regulations and pressure - leading to aggressive decarbonization targets. In order to meet these targets and commitments, they’re requesting far more granular data from suppliers than ever before.

Download the toolkit for insights from our supplier partners on what’s worked best for them as the demand for sustainability data has ramped up. In this resource guide, we distill tips that help streamline processes, save resources, automate carbon reporting, and leverage ESG metrics to grow sales.

How ingredient and solution providers can
automate sustainability reporting at-scale


Learn how to efficiently access and use your data

See how other ingredient and solution providers automate reporting and manage sustainability requests.

Get tips to scalably assess the impact of products across your portfolio without needing an LCA. Spend less of your team’s time gathering PCF info for individual customers and eliminate the frustrations of dealing with multiple single-use surveys by standardizing the process.


Strengthen relationships with your customers

Become a preferred partner in your customers’ sustainability strategies.

Make your data work for you by leveraging it as a marketing and sales asset. Demonstrate your carbon emissions alongside other ESG metrics for a systems-approach that your customers’ R&D and procurement teams want to see.


Find resources that can help you gain control over your sustainability information

Learn how you can ensure your customers use the right data for your products - prevent them from using global averages that overestimate your impact.

Get tips for providing impact data securely without having to share proprietary information.

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