Measure & Manage the Carbon Footprint of Your Entire Supply System

This report lays out why brands and CPGs are facing mounting pressure to report on Scope 3, how Scope 3 impact is measured in the industry, and the best way to measure Scope 3 emissions for food supply systems.

What's Inside

87% of a food company’s total GHG emissions are Scope 3 – meaning they’re outside of a company’s direct control. Meanwhile, mounting pressure from consumers, investors, and regulators makes it more important than ever for CPGs to commit to reducing their carbon footprints.

Learn more about how CPGs can measure and manage their Scope 3 impact from the ingredient level to the portfolio level without having to be experts in carbon accounting.

About the Author

Leah Wolfe

Leah Wolfe enables a wide range of stakeholders to better understand their roles in building a better food system.

As Head of Regenerative Education & Content for HowGood, she helps provide deeper insights into the intersection of regenerative agriculture, actionable data, and consumer trends.

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