Sustainability Data Portal


Showcase the sustainability of your products to retailers, restaurants, and food service provider and gain valuable carbon footprint insights


A retailer, restaurant, or food service provider who works with HowGood to measure their sustainability impact has requested information from you about your products. The Sustainability Data Portal makes it easy for you to submit your information and experience added benefits.

After the HowGood team reviews your product data, you will receive insight into your carbon footprint and other eligible sustainability marketing claims.

The HowGood Sustainability Data Portal helps you:

Ensure Accuracy

Make sure your clients have the data needed to see the true impact of your products or ingredients

Drive Preference

Gain a competitive edge & strengthen relationships by providing transparency into sustainability practices

Reach New Clients

Make your products available to a global network of potential clients looking for sustainable options

Share basic product info with your clients

Food and beverage companies work with HowGood to measure, communicate, and report on sustainability. In order to accurately assess the impact of their portfolio of products, they need up-to-date information about the products or ingredients they purchase from suppliers.

The HowGood portal is designed to make it easy for you to submit information while effectively reflecting your sustainability efforts.

Download and fill out the product template in just a few minutes, and help your clients meet their sustainability goals.

Upload your completed template:


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Regulatory trends in sustainability: How food brands should prepare in the next 6-12 months

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 | 12 – 1 PM EST
Join HowGood’s General Counsel for an overview of some of the upcoming key global sustainability regulations that should be top-of-mind for food industry professionals, with a focus on what and how to best prepare.