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HowGood proudly partners with Beacon Discovery to bring the world’s largest product sustainability database into the hands of emerging brands

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Latis, our cross-functional SaaS platform, helps you stand out with sustainability claims, carbon reporting and impact-driven innovation tools.

Update your listing in Beacon Discovery to reflect your specific sourcing practices

Ensure your “HowGood Impact Estimate” in Beacon Discovery reflects your sustainable sourcing initiatives by uploading ingredient information through HowGood’s data portal.

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Fast-track your progress to company sustainability goals with Latis

Track and report on your carbon emissions, supply chain labor risks, and other impact metrics for progress toward ESG commitments and climate disclosures.

Drive revenue and avoid greenwashing by promoting your sustainability performance with data-backed product claims.

Discover the most efficient pathways to achieving sustainability directives with impact-driven, playful product innovation and sourcing strategy tools.

“Having an impact assessment tool for our product portfolio is raising the sustainability awareness of our product developers and brand teams. This holistic tool is critical to improving the sustainability impact of our brands.”
- Takoua Debeche, SVP of Research and Innovation at Danone
“Our customers need holistic, sustainable ingredient solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater transparency. Partnering with HowGood provides third-party validation of the sustainability impact of our ingredients and enables our customers to confidently make informed decisions.”
- Brian Nash, VP, Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion
"While our guests can make good choices for the planet by simply eating at Chipotle, the radical transparency provided by Real Foodprint also holds us accountable to improve our practices and source more sustainably over time. It is the combination of transparency for our guests and Chipotle's commitment to higher standards that make Real Foodprint so impactful."
- Caitlin Leibert, Head of Sustainability at Chipotle
"HowGood provides a real-time understanding of the social and ecological impact of every product in our portfolio beyond anything we could have found elsewhere."
- Merijn Dols, Senior Director, Open Innovation & Circular Economy for Food at Danone
"We owe a big thank you to HowGood for guiding, inspiring, and pushing us throughout our KPI development process. They understood our vision and helped us bring it to life."
- Sustainability Team, General Mills, Triple Bottom Line Operating Unit
"The pilot was so successful, and we got such amazing feedback from our customers, that the decision to expand the ratings into all of our Giant stores was an easy one."
- Mark Adamcik, VP of Sales and Merchandising at Giant Food
"Partnering with HowGood has added an additional layer of transparency and traceability for White Leaf, starting at the farm level. Latis has provided deeper insight into the farming practices behind each ingredient and how it impacts the overall carbon footprint of our finished products."
- Keth & Meghan Rowe, Co-Founders at White Leaf Provisions
“Our new partnership with HowGood reinforces our commitment to healing the planet — whether it’s through greater product transparency or reducing waste. We continue to explore opportunities throughout The Giant Co.’s entire operation to do what we can to further lessen our environmental footprint and empower sustainable choices in our customers’ shopping experience.”
- Manuel Haro, Vice President of strategy and communications, at Giant
"HowGood's Latis tool has been crucial to making our sourcing process more regenerative. We used to spend hours researching the various impacts of certain ingredients. By using Latis, we're able to quickly understand and validate the impact of ingredients, including the benefits of regenerative practices used by the farmer we partner with."
- Kristy Lewis, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at Quinn
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Food leaders discuss climate labeling, regulations, and carbon reduction strategy

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