Key Takeaways from HowGood’s Product Sustainability Playbook

July 19, 2022 by Leah Wolfe
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Your products are not only a powerful revenue stream, but an embodiment of your company’s sustainability values and practices. Product sustainability is important in maintaining your brand’s reputation while allowing access to supply and capital, along with meeting consumer preferences and demands for transparency. 

The HowGood Product Sustainability Playbook is intended to guide you in measuring, improving, and communicating the sustainability of your products to generate value for your company, your customers, and society.

Opportunities for Brands

Drive sales

Grow margins

Appeal to retailers

Build loyalty

Strategies for Brands

Identify areas for improvement

Improve your ingredient sourcing decisions

Measure product sustainability

Communicate product impact

Check out HowGood’s Product Sustainability Playbook to learn more about how to put your brand ahead of the pack on social and environmental impact:

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