World Economic Forum Perspective June 11, 2020 by Leah Wolfe

A few themes we explore in this session:

  • What kind of impact and financial opportunity is there going to be in the proactive health space?
  • How can we apply marketing as a tool for connecting climate change and food choices for the consumer?
  • How has our perspective on localized supply systems changed in the face of COVID-19?
Wesley Wilson

Now we are getting the toolset that we can take a much better, much more focused, deeper look at things and say, “This tomato was grown this way, transported this way, stored in this way, put on a shelf in this way,” and all of those things have a knock-on effect on the nutrient values in that tomato. We’re beginning to get the toolset to have that kind of fine-grain resolution and to develop business models that could help connect people–not only at an elite level.

Often, good nutrition or advances in it are seen as something that happens up in the stratosphere for the 1%, but, nutrition is something that has to work and be effective at scale in order to make a difference.

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