We believe the world should not be asking “can we create change,” but rather, “will we.”

Work with a team of co-creators playing a critical role in the development of our products and regeneration of our environment and communities.

Our Engineering team, under Product, works in an agile environment to produce an ever-evolving, leading-edge SaaS platform. We look for experienced developers who excel under tight deadlines and shifting priorities. The team spans continents to deliver new features and product improvements at a rapid clip.

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Our Innovation team includes Sales, Marketing and Communications. They are responsible for envisioning the future of our offerings and bringing in new partners to amplify our impact. We look for team members who are skilled at listening to market needs and translating them into solutions that HowGood can provide.

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Customer Success

Our Customer Success team delivers on HowGood’s commitment to empowering our customers with all the knowledge they need to create sustainable products. They are patient, empathetic, and indefatigable. We look for people who are inherently helpful with a passion for finding creative solutions.


Our Research team, working under Product, maintains our industry-leading product sustainability data. The team is responsible for simultaneously staying abreast of current LCA findings, new scientific understanding, and global political and economic conditions driving social welfare.

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Business Operations

Our Business Operations team keeps everything running smoothly. Made up of Accounting, Compliance and Legal, they dot the i’s and cross the t’s, ensuring our partners are supported and infrastructure is healthy and strong. They are systems-lovers who can create order out of ever-shifting parameters.

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Our People team creates an environment that enables our best work. They offer resources and training, attract new team members, and ensure that HowGood is inclusive and welcoming of anyone who may or may not be traditionally well-represented in the tech or agriculture space.


We’re an eclectic mix bringing unique perspectives, experiences, and skills.

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We work together to create an environment that is open, honest, and impact-driven.


We whole-heartedly believe that work is not the only thing in life that’s important.

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Current Job Openings

Product Manager (In Person or Remote)

Experienced Product Manager to execute aggressively on our growth strategy: aimed at strengthening our product’s value via customer activation

Senior React Engineer (In Person or Remote)

Talented and driven ReactJS lead who enjoys working collaboratively to deliver useful solutions to complex problems.

Senior DevOps Engineer (In Person or Remote)

Talented DevOps engineer with strategic vision who is not afraid to rolls up their sleeves and become a can-do executor.

Customer Success
Customer Success Manager (In Person or Remote)

Excellent communicator to manage the success of a book of business, and collaborate cross-functionally to represent the interests and voice of our partners.

Business Operations
In-House Counsel (In Person or Remote)

Curious generalist responsible for identifying, communicating, and mitigating our legal and compliance risk as we rapidly grow and expand our offerings.

Security Operations Manager (In Person or Remote)

Attentive to detail individual to provide expert knowledge of security regulation, compliance, and best practices to operationalize our product’s Security program.

Sustainability Data Analyst (In Person or Remote)

Collaborative individual to focus on customer data cleaning and ingestion, and ongoing data management processes and data import practices.

Agriculture and Food System Researcher (In Person or Remote)

Experienced research professional to play a key role in enhancing and expanding our world leading food and agricultural impacts database.