Sustainability Attributes

Communicate your product impact with simple, consumer-friendly badges

Over 50% of all global consumers are checking labels for sustainability credentials and shopping for more eco-friendly products. Respond to consumer demand and guide consumers toward more informed purchases by showcasing the sustainability attributes that your products achieve.

Climate Friendly

Products eligible for Climate Friendly have GHG emissions that are lower than 70% of all food products assessed by HowGood.

Minimally Processed

Products eligible for Minimally Processed are made with ingredients that are not dependent on commercial or industrial processing.

Clean Label

Products eligible for Clean Label have a simple formula with seven or fewer ingredients that are all minimally processed.

Water Smart

Products eligible for Water Smart are less of a stress on the blue water resources in the regions where their ingredients are grown.

Fair Labor

Products eligible for Fair Labor are made with ingredients that are not sourced from locations flagged for forced labor or child labor.

Low Synthetic Inputs

Products that receive Low Synthetic Inputs contain ingredients that minimize the use of petroleum-based herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and other chemicals.

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