HowGood and SPINS partner to offer the most comprehensive reporting data on sustainability and health & wellness in the industry March 7, 2019 by Eva Clark
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CHICAGO, March 6, 2019 – SPINS®, the leading provider of wellness-focused data technology announces a new partnership with HowGood, a purpose driven research company that powers sustainability solutions for brands, retailers, and consumers. The partnership offers their mutual clients robust insights related to sustainability, transparency and health and wellness from source to consumption.

By joining forces, SPINS and HowGood’s offer connects and highlights all stages of the product journey from “seed” to “pantry”, encompassing everything from sourcing and growing, to labor and ethics practices, to energy considerations, to lifestyle diets, nutrition, clean consideration, health and medical conditions and implications.

This comprehensive view will allow brands to evolve and enhance their practices from operational efficiency, to sourcing techniques, marketing, to formulation and positioning. Retailers will be able to deliver the transparency that today’s shoppers crave; complete product information delivered in a personalized way. In turn, category management and vendor selection are enhanced by full visibility into key factors influencing consumer decision at shelf.

“As consumers’ demands for transparency evolve, one piece of the story is no longer enough.” said Irina Mazur, President of SPINS Product Intelligence. “To stay ahead of the curve, retailers and brands must seek to provide shoppers with a complete, accurate, and actionable understanding of their products. When used most effectively, this data provides a common language to power decisions, driving efficiency, operability, and brand loyalty.”

“Many manufacturers and retailers want ‘sustainable products,’ but they don’t know the best way to deliver,” says Alexander Gillet, CEO and co-founder of HowGood. “We’re excited to add our own expertise in sustainability attributes like climate change risk, animal treatment, and farming practices to SPINS’ industry-leading health and wellness data in order to provide the actionable insights that responsible brands need today.”

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About SPINS:

SPINS is a passionate advocate of brands and retailers that promote healthy living. As the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics reporting, and consulting services for the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Products Industries, its offerings are helping retailers connect people with the brands that they need and love. Learn more at

About HowGood:

HowGood is a purpose driven research company that powers sustainability solutions for brands, retailers, and consumers by offering actionable extensive insights into the environmental and social impacts of products and ingredients. Learn more at

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