Measuring Biodiversity May 29, 2020 by Leah Wolfe

A few themes we explore in this session:

  • How can biodiversity be accurately measured?
  • Why should we measure results rather than practices when it comes to environmental outcomes?
  • What role should certifications and standards play in the measurement of biodiversity?
Ethan Soloviev HowGood

There’s a real difference between measuring practices or claims and measuring outcomes. Moving away from statements about planting trees and toward a focus on tracking on-the-ground outcomes that emerged from planting trees. The better certifications and standards that are starting to come out, (like the Savory Institute), are actually measuring and tracking the outcome on the ground in the carbon and the biodiversity that has emerged. This is a really important shift that is starting to happen in the industry–a focus on outcomes as opposed to tracking practices.

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