Investing in Innovation October 22, 2020 by Leah Wolfe

A few themes we explore in this session:

  • How can we better navigate the challenges of investing in a volatile and unpredictable time?
  • Is the investment and innovation space shifting toward regenerative?
  • What are some of the food and CPG innovation trends?
Molly Breiner Danone Manifesto Ventures

I think it actually starts with the government in terms of how we can accelerate innovation. I think there’s a ton of innovation that’s happening in the food system, both in what consumers are demanding and what technologies are being unlocked.

I think that we’re going to reach an upper limit on things like plant-based alternatives until things like animal agriculture subsidies start to change and shift within the governmental organization. Of the $38 billion the US government spends on food subsidies, less than 1% goes to fruits and vegetables.

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