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Impact Data Network

In HowGood’s 17 years of agricultural supply chain research, we've found that one of the biggest barriers to decarbonization is access to consistent, comparable, and granular supplier data.

Brands and Retailers need accurate upstream data for strategic decarbonization and reporting.

Suppliers need a more scalable way to keep up with the volume of data requests they receive.

The Impact Data Network is removing barriers to data accessibility by aggregating demand and synthesizing data structure, creating a frictionless network for sharing and utilizing primary supplier data.

Brands & Retailers:

Gain easier access to the primary data you need for accurate scope 3 reporting and SBTi tracking. Get complete Product Carbon Footprints and other impact metrics from countless suppliers, in the same format, all at once.


Overcome “survey fatigue” by providing data to multiple customers at once. Securely share basic sourcing information and HowGood will produce sustainability calculations with consistent methodology.

HowGood works with leading food companies across the supply chain to transform the food industry through data.

"Our customers need holistic, sustainable ingredient solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater transparency. Partnering with HowGood provides third-party validation of the sustainability impact of our ingredients and enables our customers to confidently make informed decisions.”

- Brian Nash, VP of Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion


Industry-Leading Research & Methodology

HowGood is an independent sustainability research organization and SaaS sustainability intelligence platform. With 17 years of agricultural supply chain research, HowGood's team of LCA experts, researchers and data scientists provides the food and beverage industry with verified, audit-ready impact data with unparalleled granularity and accuracy.


years mapping global supply systems


LCAs, data sources and certifications


on-farm emission factors for food ingredients


global food product assessments


ingredients with verified supplier data

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