New Hope Network, HowGood expand partnership to increase sustainability transparency March 3, 2022 by Leah Wolfe
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The upcoming Sustainability Intelligence Platform will help companies, brands and retailers rate products’ sustainability and share the information with customers and consumers.

New Hope Network and HowGood are excited to announce that we will be building upon our partnership to increase sustainability impact and transparency across the food and beverage, supplement and personal care sectors.

Our collective aim is to help retailers and brands further align with the regenerative and sustainability-related values of a rapidly growing share of consumers.

Expo West 2022 attendees will get an exclusive look at HowGood’s vendor portal, due to be released later this year, which allows CPGs, brands and retailers to discover the sustainability ratings of their products and seamlessly communicate this information to customers. The vendor portal reveals UPC-level environmental and social impact attributes for over 2 million food and beverage products so far, providing unparalleled transparency and insight for users and their customers.

Leading up to Expo, HowGood joined a discussion with New Hope Network and SPINS about the hottest trends and products to keep an eye out for at Expo and beyond in 2022. HowGood Chief Innovation Officer Ethan Soloviev participated in this Natural Products Expo Virtual session on-demand, where he shared his ideas and predictions about the innovations that will shape the CPG and sustainability landscape in the coming year.

Be sure to stop by the HowGood Climate-Friendly Product Challenge on Climate Day, Tuesday, to see how your product stacks up to others at Expo West in eight core sustainability impact metrics: GHG Emissions, processing, water usage, soil biodiversity, labor risk exposure, biodiversity, land use and animal welfare.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Expo West and to everything HowGood and New Hope will accomplish together in 2022 and beyond!

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