Agroforestry & Industrial Crops June 25, 2020 by Leah Wolfe

A few themes we explore in this session:

  • How do you shift a conventional farm or plantation toward a greater benefit on biodiversity, water, & diversified incomes?
  • What role should perennial and annual crops play in carbon sequestration efforts?
  • How can companies and investors help smaller producers aggregate crops produced within agroforestry systems in order to lower barriers to market access?
Eric Toensmeier Perennial Agroforestry Institute

We already have vast amounts of agroforestry products that you just can’t identify in the marketplace. We have an amazing regenerative rice production system, but you can’t identify that rice in the store. Grain that’s being produced in agroforestry systems is in our markets, some of our bread, some of our beef and dairy, but you can’t tell when you go to the store. Building the supply chain that can track that information–which I know is what HowGood does–that’s one of the key missing pieces.

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