How Good

Jim's Organic Coffee Organic Whole Bean Sweet Love

Manufactured by Jim's Organic Coffee

  • Good Oversight

    The company has impeccable, demonstrated communication between management and labor in both production and sourcing.

  • Minimally Processed

    The producer uses little or no processing in turning the original ingredients into the final product.

  • From Small Growers

    Ingredients are primarily sourced from small farms that support a biologically diverse ecosystem.

  • Healthily Grown

    Product is grown with minimal pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Fair Labor Practices

    Current employment conditions at the company are effectively and ethically managed with no known major issues.

  • Great Ingredients

    Product is free of ingredients that require intensive processing, exist only to increase the shelf life or to magnify flavors lost through long-term storage.

  • Not Regional

    Ingredient growing and processing does not solely occur in your region.

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