How Good

Horizon Organic American Singles

Manufactured by White Wave Foods Company

  • Conscious

    Ingredients are grown at or above USDA organic standards. -- Farming profile based on in-depth analysis of animal husbandry and growing practices, use of synthetic chemicals, and overall health of the growing environment. HowGood also assesses Organic, Conventional, Biodynamic, Pastured, Free Range, and other standards for each product type.

  • Fair

    Labor conditions meet or exceed basic standards. -- Ingredient sourcing is assessed by company, geography and industry for labor standards and the steps each company is taking to ensure problem ingredients are being sourced ethically.

  • Simple

    Product is free from ingredients requiring intensive commercial processing present to preserve, stabilize or color. The ingredient profile is built from analysis of ingredients as well as processing methods and historic quality control. Flavor enhancers, unnatural preservatives, ingredients that require chemical processing, and high impact ingredients are all flagged for review.

  • Connected

    Company owned by a small number of accountable decision makers. -- HowGood performs analysis of corporate management structure to determine whether systems maintain accountability of senior management to employees throughout the company. This analysis takes into account pay structure, labor management, and transparency to regulators.

  • Whole

    Product is largely unprocessed/unpackaged. -- Food processing and manufacturing profile is based on analysis of in house processing methods for heat temperatures and times, physical processing, and ingredient degradation.

  • Direct

    Ingredients come from identifiable individual growers. -- Analysis of purchasing standards including the method, quantity, and location of ingredient sourcing by the manufacturer. Country and point of origin records are compared with the records of those locations for good/poor management practices. Direct relationships with growers are also rewarded.

  • Local

    Manufactured Locally; Grown Locally; Sold Locally -- Geographic profile analysis is constructed using maps of production, manufacturing and distribution. HowGood rewards regional business practices that support local economies, reduce transportation impact, and increase accountability of management to end consumers.

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