How Good

Ratings you can trust.

Every food product can get one of four possible HowGood scores:

None, Good, Great, Best

Looks simple, doesn’t it?

And yet, every score is backed up by years of independent, rigorous analysis and expertise.

Each score tells a complex story in a simple way – and it’s a score you can trust.

Using over 60 indicators that cover a company’s behavior over time, the provenance of ingredients and the manufacturing process, we’re able to compose a detailed, accurate picture of every product we rate.

Here's how it works:


Calculating Benchmarks

Our most complex work is establishing benchmarks for every common ingredient and product manufacturing process. We’ll examine best and worst practices and the provenance of ingredients, working out the product-specific impact of different ingredients and the way they’re processed.


Assess Corporate Records

Corporate analysis is thankfully straightforward. Many American companies with supply chains that are largely inside the United States have corporate citizenry records to be proud of. But if there are problems with their record, they’re easily spotted.


Go in Deep

We then investigate the products’ ingredients – and the company’s procurement and processing methods. We’ll look at everything from corporate governance to specific issues like hazardous waste emissions.

We’ll also put company behavior in the context of their industry. So if a company’s industry has naturally low carbon emissions, their emissions policy will carry a lower weighting — and vice versa.

Products Reviewed Thus Far:

104672 Products Reviewed
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Where we get our information from:

We’re picky about where we source our information. While no stone is left unturned, we’ll test and analyze every piece of information to make sure it’s both accurate and relevant. It’s a long, complex process – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ingredient Sources:

  • Professors, growers and manufacturers with ingredient-specific knowledge
  • USDA documents
  • FDA documents
  • Agricultural organization recommendations
  • Periodicals

Company Sources:

  • Company annual reports
  • Industry publications
  • Official labor union publications
  • Watchdog organizations
    (with sufficient evidence of their claims)
  • Legal records
  • Government publications and data
  • SEC records

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