How Good

Alex and Arthur

Two brothers, one passion for sustainable food.

As brothers we have a lot in common: a love of the outdoors, driving classic American-made station wagons, parents...

... but most of all, a lifelong passion for sourcing, buying and eating healthy, sustainable food.

It’s something we grew up with. Food provenance was a major talking point around our family dinner table – over time we naturally developed a good understanding of which brands were better than others.

We didn’t know how much we took this for granted – until Arthur moved to England.

The seeds of a bright idea ...

Working there as a financial consultant for one of the big banks, Arthur found himself stuck in the grocery store aisle looking at whole shelves of food brands he didn’t know – and no way of knowing which ones were sustainable.

“Just research it,” I said during one of our calls. He tried – and realized pretty fast it wasn’t that easy.

As we talked about it more, an idea started to take shape →

Having recently sold the business I’d set up to pay off my college debts, this looked like a golden opportunity to put my business and environmental expertise to good use. I persuaded Arthur to come back to the US so we could work on it... and the result is HowGood.

Let's create a simple tool shoppers can use to identify the best, most sustainable food products
Introducing HowGood

HowGood Today

What started out as just the two of us has turned into a formidable operation.

First, there’s our ever-expanding panel of independent experts. They advise us on ingredients, geographic areas, food policy, environmental policy, labor rights and food processing.

Then there’s our experienced team of researchers, who sift through the complex mass of information, benchmark companies and ingredients, and help us distil it all into HowGood scores.

What began as childhood discussions around the dinner table has turned into a trusted way for every shopper to buy better.

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