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Why should stores
introduce HowGood?

HowGood is a great way for stores to promote sustainable products. It’s also a powerful business tool. Implement HowGood in your stores and you’ll attract more customers, ring in more revenue, and strengthen your brand. Here’s how...

HowGood helps you attract a loyal, high value fan base.

There’s a growing market of shoppers who will spend more for sustainable products from socially responsible companies. What they need is a trusted, simple way to identify which products those are.

With HowGood, you can offer them exactly that.

The HowGood score sits right next to the price tag of each product. So your customers can see how good each product is and make a quick,

informed buying decision right there in the grocery store aisle.

It’s an empowering buying tool that this market is crying out for.

Offer it in your stores and customers will actively seek you out. You’ll expand your base this way – and you’ll retain customers more easily, too. Best of all, this growing market typically spends triple the average basket size. Need any more persuading? Take a look at this...

Natural Milk - Good, Organic Milk - Great

of shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable products

HowGood scores increase basket value.

Stores are constantly under pressure to offer deals and discounts. While that may attract deal-seeking customers, it makes for low basket values. And if a competitor starts beating you on price, those customers will migrate without a second thought.

With HowGood, it’s a different story.

HowGood stores have found that basket value rises when they introduce HowGood. That’s because it empowers and inspires people to choose the best products – those with the highest scores. A higher score usually means a higher price, too.

With HowGood, you’ll be helping support the most ethical and sustainable food producers, while helping your own bottom line as well. It’s a win-win proposition!

Chart showing sales increase with higher HowGood scores

The HowGood effect - tried and tested

Sales in produce rated ‘great’ went up 26%
Gross profit increased 155 times
Sales lifts were sustained over four month test period.

HowGood does wonders for your brand

Let’s be straight: there’s nothing inspiring about a grocery store offering cut-price deals and discounts.

But a store that inspires people to buy more sustainable, ethical products? Now that’s something to get excited about.

Offering HowGood in your stores demonstrates you care about your local community and the world. It shows you’re prepared to be a pioneer. People will love you for it – and as more buzz builds up around what you’re offering, more people will go out of their way to come and experience it for themselves.

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